Committee Members

Annual Conference

Past Host – 2019
City of Brandon/Grand Valley Mutual Aid District

Future Host – 2020 (cancelled) and 2021
Steinbach and Hanover Fire Departments

Standing Committees

Finance & Audit Committees
Executive Director
(two others)

Nominating Committee
Calvin Funk
Eugene Fillion

Resolutions Committee
Eugene Fillion
John Braschuk, Jr.
Richard Paetzold

Constitution – Dean Campbell/Terry Parlow

Ad Hoc Committees

Professional Development Committee & College Committee
Cam Abrey//Andy Thiessen/Marc Desaulniers

Public Education Committee
Andy Thiessen/Brad Yochim/Darren Fedorchuk-alternate

Memberships Committee
Nick Young/Phil Carpenter/Sharon Williams

Medals Committee
Gary MacGregor/Eugene Fillion

MBOA Committee – Kelvin Toews

MPI Committee
Martin Paradis/Bob Fosty

FireCode/ Safety Inspection & Regulation Committee
Phil Carpenter

EMS & Communications
Terry Parlow/Scott McDonald

President and 1st Vice President

Sharon Williams

Firefighters Memorial Foundation
Andy Thiessen

CFFF Memorial Ceremony
Brad Yochim/Nick Young

Safe Road Committee – Brad Yochim

MFR Committee – Nick Young