Committee Members

Annual Conference

Present Host – 2016
Cam Abrey (Dauphin – Riding Mountain)

Past Host – 2015
Mark Sinclair/Shawn Elcock (Northeast)

Future Host
Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service

Standing Committees

Finance & Audit Committees
Executive Director
(two others)

Nominating Committee
Kelvin Toews
Eugene Fillion

Resolutions Committee
Eugene Fillion
John Braschuk, Jr.
Richard Paetzold

Ad Hoc Committees

Exhibits & Fall Conference
Cam Abrey
Craig Fiebelkorn

Public Education Committee
Andy Thiessen
Brad YochimDarren Fedorchuk
Darren Fedorchuk – alternate

Memberships Committee
Nick Young
Sharon Williams

Training & College Committee
Andy Thiessen
Marc Desaulniers
Mike Bourgon

Medals Committee
Gary MacGregor
Martin Haller
Eugene Fillion

MPIC Committee
Gary MacGregor
Martin Paradis
Dean Campbell – alternate

AMM Committee
The Executive MAFC

Building Standards Committee
Cam Abrey

Fire Safety Inspection Committee
Brad Yochim

EMS & Communications
Garry Bell

Ben Vanderzwaag

President and 1st Vice President

Sharon Williams

Firefighters Memorial Foundation
Martin Haller

Provincial Fire Strategy
Ben Vanderzwaag (Southern Manitoba rep)

Planning Group
John Maskerine (Northern Manitoba rep)