The Winkler Fire Department held another live burn exercise Friday, thanks to a donation of a two storey house on Pembina Avenue East.

Chief Richard Paetzold says the size of the home allowed them to extend an invitation to other departments.  He says they did not feel they would utilize all the rooms of the large house, and thought it would be a waste of an opportunity for a lot of other people to conduct live fire training.  “So we approached our mutual aid district, and we gave an invitation to the other eight fire departments to attend, and they all jumped at the opportunity,” said Paetzold.

Paetzold says opportunities like this are very valuable, as their regular live burns take place in non-combustible containers.

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Written by Pam Fedack/Dantin Reimer/Ronny Guenther
Published: Saturday, 30 May 2015 01:10
Pembina Valley Online