This is an invite to attend the open house to welcome our new tanker on April 23rd 2015, at  7pm. Many people and organizations have helped this project to get to where we are today. We fire fighters are so very grateful for the donations and time and support many people put into this project as we cannot thank them enough.

So if able to attend please do so we would be happy to see you at the special event.

If you are not able to attend, we thank you for your support. It truly was so appreciated and we are so proud of the truck and how it came together.

Here are some photographs showing of the truck we started with and where we are today.

It truly was community support and a lot of pride and dedication and determination to complete this project and vision for success.


Event Details:

Open House – Erickson and District Firehall

Thursday, April 23, at 7 pm

Tours of the fire hall and Fire trucks

Coffee and Donuts and Treats for the kids