Dear Members of the Manitoba Fire Service,

The Manitoba Association of Fire Chiefs and the Office of the Fire Commissioner are pleased to announce that The Manitoba Emergency Services College will be hosting the 2015 MESC “Back to the Basics” Conference on October 1-3, 2015.


  • This conference is for you, the Manitoba Fire Service, and although we already have a list of ideas for potential hands-on skill and speaker sessions, we need your thoughts for more.
  • We will be collecting ideas until November 29 (next scheduled MAFC meeting).
  • Once received, they will be compiled and reviewed by the committee to determine the programs that will provide the best training benefit for fire service members.
  • Any suggestions or feedback must come through your MAFC representatives on the conference committee.


The criteria for submission(s) are as follows:

  • Practical courses:
    • 2-3 hours in duration
    • Skills based only
    • Provide a brief outline of the skill session you are suggesting
    • Provide a list of logistics required to host the session
  • Breakout session courses:
    • 2-3 hours in duration
    • Delivered in a classroom type setting
    • Is suitable for an audience of approx 15-20 participants
    • Is a unique and valuable topic for the Fire Service


The conference committee consists of Mark EMRICK (OFC/MESC) Co-chair, Craig FIEBELKORN (MAFC) Co-chair, Tobin PRAZNIK (MESC program Manger), Robert PIKE (OFC Deputy Fire Commissioner), Dave SINGLETON (OFC/MESC), Cameron ABREY (MAFC), and Don THOMPSON (OFC/MESC).

We had our first meeting on October 28th at MESC Headquarters in Brandon.  The task at the meeting was to review feedback from both the Manitoba Fire Service through their MAFC Reps and from the OFC/MESC staff to assess what went well and what could be done better at previous “MESC Fall Conferences”, also taken into consideration was the popularity of the “Bundle Weekends” and other conferences that are being held around the province.  Reviewing this information allowed the committee members to have a very beneficial brainstorming session, followed by several hours of laying the ground work for the draft agenda of the 2015 MESC “Back to the Basics” Conference.

We can assure you that many quality suggestions for the conference were discussed, and will hopefully be evident in future conferences as well. We are in the infancy of organizing the event and many of the specifics are still being worked out however the draft agenda is as listed below.

Participants will have the choice of attending the conference in one of two options – Practical (Hands on skill) sessions or Breakout (Guest speaker classroom) sessions.

Option #1

  • There will be approximately 15-20 skill sessions that will be solely hands on with no classroom time attached.
  • Each session will be approximately 2-3 hours in duration.
  • There will be no certified or IFSAC/Pro-board courses.
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to attend 3 different sessions of their choice throughout the conference (as maximum class numbers permit).
  • The goal of each of these sessions will be to get tools in the hands of, and safe working practices in the minds of, Fire Fighters in areas that they are not familiar with.
  • This will not be a “touch the tool once” type of training, plan on getting dirty!
  • Each class will be limited to 12 participants.

Option #2

  • The breakout sessions will be located at the college, and will be 2-3 hour classroom sessions delivered by subject matter experts and geared toward unique topics.
  • Each session will be limited to 15-20 participants and will be rush seating



  • The Tradeshow will be second to none and time will be set aside on Thursday evening and Friday mid-day solely for visiting the supplier booths to see what is new and exciting, order equipment or supplies and to assist in planning your 2016 budget!


2015 MESC “Back to the Basics” Conference

(Draft Agenda)

Thursday, October 1st : (1700 – 2200)

  • Registration
  • Cash bar and snacks
  • Meet and Greet
  • Suppliers Tradeshow


Friday, October 2nd : (0830 – 2200)

  • (0830 – 1100) Skill sessions / Breakout speaker sessions
  • (1100 – 1400) Lunch provided / Suppliers Tradeshow
  • (1400 – 1630) Skill stations / Breakout speaker sessions (details as per above)
  • (1730 – 1830) Happy Hour
  • (1830 – 2200) Formal Banquet
    • OFC Greetings/Dignitaries
    • Medals ceremony
    • Entertainment


Saturday, October 3rd: (0830 – 1600)

  • (0830 – 0945) Guest speaker #1
  • (1000 – 1115) Guest speaker #2
  • (1130 – 1300) Lunch provided
  • (1300 – 1600) Skill sessions / Breakout speaker sessions


We are very excited about this year’s conference! We will be sending out communications on a regular basis to keep you informed of the progress. Please address any questions or concerns to your MAFC representative on the conference committee. We are looking forward to any and all feedback that we will be receiving for YOUR conference! Until next time, be safe!